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Orlando, Our Homebase

Inspired by the talent in the city's open mic scene, our founders had a dream to help artists reach their full potential.

After years of workshopping with some of the most patient and knowledgeable artists in the industry, we are launching a series of apps that will solve problems our artists faced.

Our journey in the city has been exciting and has taught us...

you know what, we'll just show you.

OCC Event

We attended the Studio 18 event to help musicians collaborate. Our Melanin Motions™ team captured the excitement!

West Wall Arts

Early in our process, we met Castor at the West Wall Arts District. Not just an inspiration to the city, he's an icon.

World Scout

World Scout opened our eyes to the organization of the music industry, something we've adopted to all art forms.


This commercial was made for Eat and Play, a popular arcade. We're always making opportunities for our artists.

We Work With All Art Types

Musicians, Dancers, Clothing Designers, Painters, Videographers, Photographers, Sculptors, and so much more!

Are you an Artist?


Musicians have always played an integral part of the Arthentic experience.

Check out our early interview with Sage the Band!


Nobody sweats like Orlando Dancers!

We're always looking to capture the latest talent, from breakdancers to ballroom professionals.

Clothing Designers

Arthentic likes to dress in the latest threads, and we want to share the fashion of Orlando!

Chase Morgan is the creator of the Chainless Brand, but we'll let him tell you.


The canvas has been a staple of artistic expression since caveman times.

Carl Joseph takes the medium to new heights. We captured his tribute to Kobe Bryant made in the park!


Before the metaverse existed, we had to do it by hand.

Allyson of Soul Speaks Studios warps almost any material to fit her impressive imagination.


Our photographers show so much more than 1000 words with each shot they take!

Alex Dixon shows us the power of the lens while making waves in the entertainment industry.


Arthentic would not be able to show you the adventure without the power of the mp4!

Lee Bynoe sees what others can't, but don't worry, he captured it for us.

Wanna Get the Inside Scoop?

Sometimes we send cool stuff regarding our artists and happenings.

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