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New Internet

Here's What It Looks Like

Augmented Reality

AR is the way you'll buy content in the near future. At Arthentic, we're trying to connect painters, sculptors, and clothing designers to their audience using this brand new tool. The example model provided can show you how the tech works, check it out on your smartphone!

Virtual Reality

VR is the gateway to the metaverse, a digital version of reality. Yeah, the future is strange. Basically, instead of websites, people will visit worlds. Arthentic is making tours, events, and even parties inside the metaverse. We have an example of things to come, relax in this 360 panorama of the Aurora Borealis, by Bryan Goff!


So... What Are They?

Non-Fungible Tokens are the backbone of the new internet. They provide a layer of ownability to the data on the internet. Unlike regular money, they cannot be traded one for one, each one has a unique value. They can also do way more than money! We call them USABLE NFTs.


Arthentic has been making events since 2018, and now we’re bringing them to the digital world! Allow your audience to fund your event by buying NFT tickets in advance.Change the content of the NFT to holders who attend the event, creating a collectible for resale. Lower fees than ticketing systems using our blockchain system.


We’re working with artists to make the next generation of game items!Use NFTs to level up items and character AND bring them to any compatible game!Get ground-floor access to items that will soon become “antiques”.

Secret Content

Both digital and physical, everyone likes to have something nobody else can have. NFTs are the keys to gated content in the new internet. We work with artists to make behind the scenes websites that only their token holders can see. We also ship merch and artwork to the first buyers of a token! AND some of our NFTs even allow you to meet the artist*
*meetings are usually held on our discord with public staging

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